Faculty of Science and Engineering

- Main Campus (Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture)

Science and Engineering Education: Promoting Creativity and Problem Solving

Kindai University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering is the largest faculty of its kind in western Japan. Since its establishment in 1949, we have placed over 70,000 graduates of science, engineering, and research-related fields into various industries and enterprises throughout society.

The educational goals and objectives for all students enrolled in this faculty are: (1) to encourage motivation and initiative for study; (2) to develop and increase independent critical thinking skills; and (3) to promote creativity and problem-solving abilities.

While maintaining a strong commitment to education and tradition, the Faculty of Science and Engineering has recently been reorganized to adapt to the structural changes of industry as well as to changes in society in the 21st century. There are now seven departments within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, enabling the faculty to provide its students with diverse and wide-ranging opportunities for study.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

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Departments and Programs

Departments Annual Student Admissions Programs
Science 225 Mathematics
Life Science 95
Applied Chemistry 130
Mechanical Engineering 200
Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering 170
Civil and Environmental Engineering 100
Energy and Materials 120

Curriculum and Facilities

The Faculty of Science and Engineering provides unique and varied curricula in order to develop creative researchers and engineers. All seven departments within the faculty have “synthesis seminars” for first-year students. Staffed by committed teachers and a few senior students, these seminars provide a unique opportunity for new students to solve research problems through dialogue and project-based learning. Second-year courses—designed to challenge, motivate, and promote creativity—employ many challenging exercises and experiments that help students prepare for their bachelor thesis.

Finally, the Faculty of Science and Engineering strongly supports advanced studies and research using the latest research methods, techniques, instruments, and devices.

Career Opportunities

With the constant advancement of globalization, it is essential for graduates of science and engineering programs to have up-to-date skills, the most current knowledge, and international qualifications. JABEE (Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) is recognized as an international standard for engineering curricula. Within Kindai University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, five of seven engineering-oriented departments have been certified. Graduates who complete JABEE-certified courses are recognized as highly skilled and internationally qualified engineers.

Kindai University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering fully supports students’ efforts to get additional qualifications, such as teaching licenses and other licenses procured through national examinations. Additional courses are offered throughout the academic school year to help students in this endeavor.

Thanks to the diligence of its students and the guidance provided by its staff, Kindai University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering has for many years achieved a high rate of employment among its graduates.