Innovative Engineering

Innovative Engineering


A First-of-Its-Kind Program Blending Work and Study

The Japanese concept of monozukuri refers to the process of creating things with a spirit of innovation and craftsmanship. This course teaches the principles of monozukuri through collaborations between academia and industry. By making proposals at R&D facilities, students acquire useful knowledge and management skills while earning the cooperation required to launch their proposed projects. Students also learn an approach to manufacturing that makes the best use of the resources at hand and that does not rely solely on modern technology and equipment. In essence, the aim of this interdisciplinary course is to foster practically minded future researchers and engineers. While engaging in highly specialized graduate studies, students in this course are temporarily assigned to research facilities owned by companies based in Higashiosaka. These companies, which are all renowned for their technological expertise, provide students with valuable on-the-job training.

Advanced Studies

An interdisciplinary curriculum that extends beyond the conventional boundaries of academic subjects

Basic Studies

Basic MOT (management of technology) studies, including organizational theory of local industry, intellectual property rights, and industrial ethics

International Studies

Study of international business administration through international communications and internships

Special Studies

On-the-job training at the R&D facilities of companies based in Higashiosaka