Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Producing Civil and Environmental Engineers Who Can Build a Safe and Secure Society

This department develops students into civil and environmental engineers who contribute to society through the development and maintenance of social infrastructures that provide safety and peace of mind. The frequent occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquakes, windstorms, and floods has heightened people's awareness of disaster preparedness and of the importance of reliable social infrastructures. Many graduates find employment as civil servants at the national, prefectural, or municipal level, or in general construction companies. Others join design consultant, road, or railway companies.

A Curriculum in Tune with Society's Needs, Covering Theory and Practice

In this department, students in the first and second years learn the fundamental subjects needed to become civil and environmental engineers; in the second and third years, they study a wide range of specialized subjects. These specialized applied subjects include experiments and field investigations that give students the in-depth knowledge required for working as civil servants or in construction companies. A variety of elective subjects in line with today's needs are also on offer, including disaster prevention engineering (for studying disaster prevention measures), maintenance engineering (for studying methods of maintaining civil engineering infrastructures), universal design (for developing a public welfare perspective), and landscape engineering (for studying the intrinsic value of landscapes).


A Diverse Range of Subjects Tailored to Future Urban Development Projects

Students learn about the profession of urban development—the job of creating living environments—and acquire the knowledge required to work in this field. Through practical training that includes design and planning, students develop into human resources who can lead future urban development projects.


Specialized subjects 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
Required subjects Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering [2]
Structural Mechanics I [2]
Exercises in Structural Mechanics I [1]
Structural Mechanics II [2]
Exercises in Structural Mechanics II [1]
Elementary Hydraulics [2]
Exercises in Elementary Hydraulics [1]
Applied Hydraulics [2]
Exercises in Applied Hydraulics [1]
Soil Mechanics [2]
Practice in Soil Mechanics [1]
Infrastructural Planning [2]
Survey Methods for City Planning [2]
Geotechnical Engineering [2]
Exercises in Geotechnical Engineering [1]
Construction Materials [2]
Sanitary Engineering [2]
Seminar for Bachelor Thesis [1] Individual Study for Bachelor Thesis [8]
Elective required subjects   Surveying [2]
Practice in Elementary Surveying [1]
Environmental Engineering Experiments [2]
Civil Engineering Experiments [2]
Elective subjects Introduction to Drawing [2]
History of Civil Engineering [2]
CAD Practice [1]
Structural Mechanics III [2]
Fundamental Statistics for Environmental Engineering [2]
Comprehensive Exercises I [2]
Disaster Engineering [2]
Reinforced Concrete Engineering [2]
River Engineering [2]
City Planning [2]
Transportation Systems [2]
Landscape Engineering [2]
Environmental Systems [2]
Steel Structures [2]
Seismic Engineering [2]
Concrete Structures [2]
Applied Physics [2]
Urban Environmental Design Theory [2]
Universal Design [2]
Environmental Analysis and Measurement [2]
Ecology [2]
Comprehensive Exercises II [2]
Drawing for Civil Engineering [2]
Maintenance Engineering [2]
Strength and Fracture of Materials [2]
Coastal Engineering [2]
Underground Development Engineering [2]
Environmental Engineering [2]
Construction Recycling Engineering [2]
Highway Construction and Design [2]
Construction Operations [2]
Free elective subjects Mechanical Engineering I [2]
Mechanical Engineering II [2]
Electrical Engineering I [2]
Electrical Engineering II [2]
Wood Processing [4]
Metal Processing [4]
Experiments in Mechanical Engineering [1]
Experiments in Electrical Engineering [1]
Horticulture [4]
Career Guidance [4]
  • This curriculum is for the year 2014 and is subject to change for 2015.
  • Figures in [ ] indicate the number of credits.