Faculty and Researchers

Chemistry and Materials Science

Engineering and Chemistry

An introduction to faculty staff members and laboratories in the Engineering and Chemistry.
Note: Information on the laboratories is current as of the 2020 academic year. There may be changes to this information in the 2021 academic year.


Surface Design Chemistry Laboratory
Physical Chemistry, Catalytic Chemistry

Catalysts are what control chemical reactions. This laboratory develops intelligent catalysts to enable more effective resource utilization and allow full use of natural energy sources and waste materials. In addition, we also conduct research on earth-friendly chemical reactions such as energy conversion and environmental cleanup.


Associate Professor
Organic and Macromolecular Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Electrochemistry

We synthesize organic macromolecules that offer various functions such as temperature-based changes in physical properties and applications to optical storage. We are working to develop environmentally friendly catalysts and functional electrodes by modifying the surface of platinum and carbon fibers with these molecules.

FUJINO Takayoshi

Associate Professor
Laboratory of Applied Control Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Engineering

The research theme of this laboratory is the surface science of light metals such as titanium and aluminum. Our research efforts rest on the three pillars of the environment, bio, and energy, and we promote manufacturing and development based on collaboration among industry, government, and academia.

UEKI Kosuke

Assistant Professor
Metallurgy, Metallic materials, plastic forming process