Engineering Education

With the goal of fostering world-class engineers, in our five engineering departments we offer education accredited by JABEE*, an internationally recognized organization.

Our JABEE-accredited programs foster world-class engineers. The high-quality education provided in Kindai's Faculty of Science and Engineering turns out engineers capable of working anywhere in the world.

*JABEE: Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education


Kindai's JABEE-Accredited Programs

Education program satisfying international engineer training standards

JABEE is a third-party accreditation non-governmental organization that evaluates and accredits engineering education programs in cooperation with engineering associations. JABEE's evaluation committee made up of education and industry professionals makes a fair evaluation of whether a university's engineering education program meets the standards demanded by society. Even after JABEE accreditation, programs are examined periodically.

Evaluation standards focused on whether a program trains students to think and act on their own


Features of JABEE-Accredited Programs

JABEE-accredited programs have three features:
  • Rather than simply cram students with knowledge, give them the skills to apply what they learn.
  • Give students the ability to communicate and express themselves well through words and presentations.
  • Give students the independent learning skills to discover problems and to take action towards solving these problems on their own.

Benefits of JABEE Accreditation

Highly respected by employers and educational institutes

JABEE accreditation is objective proof of a high level of engineering education.

Promotes higher engineering qualifications

Graduates of JABEE-accredited institutes are exempt from the first-stage exam of the Professional Engineer qualification test of the Institution of Professional Engineers of Japan (IPEJ).

Proof of recognition as global-standard engineers

JABEE has joined the Washington Accord for engineering education programs and the Seoul Accord for computing and IT-related education programs.

Education System