Features of Graduate School Education

Cutting-Edge Pure Research and Applied Research in Manufacturing, Bio-Science, and the Environment

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering Research comprises the seven majors of Science, Molecular and Material Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architectural Design, and Innovative Engineering. What makes us unique is the wide range of research domains we cover. Our educational philosophy is to contribute to the creation of knowledge and the development of industry and welfare through advanced education based on outstanding research results. Our highly specialized research—from pure to applied—includes R&D on bio-coke, a next-generation biomass fuel, and research into energy mixes that advance the use of solar power.

Pursuing Cutting-Edge Research through Joint Projects and Industry-Government Collaborations

Our interdisciplinary research fosters students' ability to think flexibly and with a broad perspective.


We offer an ideal research environment blessed with abundant funding for competitive research.


We are an open graduate school. As well as conducting collaborations between industry, government, and academia, we cooperate with local communities and with the six other graduate schools at KINDAI UNIVERSITY.