Basic Education

Basic Subjects

Take the first steps by learning the necessary basics in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Students will fully grasp the math and science subjects that are crucial to embarking on a higher level of specialized research. Even students who have not studied these subjects prior to university can take remedial lessons that will bring them up to speed on the basics. In addition, students who have majored in math and science can treat the classes as review while they move ahead to learn the basics of a specialized field of their choice, thus beginning the next steps to a higher level of learning.

Basic Seminar

Learn to think and act like a researcher—while having fun.

Solve problems in seminars through a range of theme-based surveys and experiments. As students cooperate and exchange ideas with their classmates, they develop the flexible thinking and creativity indispensable to becoming capable researchers.


IT Education

Boost information processing skills with state-of-the-art equipment.

Information processing is indispensable to university learning and to society in general, and students will go from the basics to practical application. Building 38 has state-of-the-art IT equipment, while the KUDOS Information-Processing Education Center is a space for students to study on their own.


Japanese Language Education

Master Japanese to make better research presentations and function effectively in your career.

Science students must learn specialized terminology, so they need to know how to read and write correct Japanese. Students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering will learn how to express themselves in writing dissertations and research reports, and develop the comprehensive ability to understand a range of reference material. By acquiring the ability to function effectively in Japanese, they will have more options for post-graduate careers.

Study Support Office

Instructors and fellow students are always there to help you with physics, math, and chemistry.

For students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the first year subjects—such as Fundamental Physics and Exercises, Physics and Exercises, Calculus I, Calculus II, Basic Chemistry and Experiments, and Chemistry—provide crucial fundamentals. To help them fully grasp the content, instructors in these subjects provide students with one-on-one tutoring in a patient, easy-to-understand manner.

Study Support Office

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