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Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering
Department/Applied Chemistry  Graduate school/Molecular and Material Engineering

We synthesize organic macromolecules that offer various functions such as temperature-based changes in physical properties and applications to optical storage. We are working to develop environmentally friendly catalysts and functional electrodes by modifying the surface of platinum and carbon fibers with these molecules.

Preparation and application of functional thermoresponsive polymer-grafted electrodes

Research Area Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Electrochemistry
Research Interests Development of novel methods for organic synthesis by using thermoresponsive polymers
Design and synthesis of polymeric complexes of several metal ions and their fixation on the surface of electrodes
Electrochemical synthesis of new silicon-containing polymers
Modification and functionalization of carbon-based materials
Selected Publications (1) “Surface oxidation and application for novel carbon-based materials of carbon fiber by using indirect anodic oxidation” The leading edge of technology for molding, processing, and recycling of CFRP (NTS, 2015) pp.185-190.
(2) Electrosynthesis of polysilane, Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry, Gerhard Kreysa, Ken-ichiro Ota, Robert Savinell (Eds.), pp. 807-814 (2014 Springer).
(3) Stereoselective partitioning of organic substrates by thermoresponsive polymers in aqueous phases, J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2013, 130 (5) , 3458-3464.
Research and Achievements
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Kyoto University
Graduate school of Kyoto University

Organic and Macromolecular Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows