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Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology

An introduction to faculty staff members and laboratories in the Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology.
Note: Information on the laboratories is current as of the 2024 academic year. There may be changes to this information in the 2025 academic year.


Bioengineering Laboratory
Peptide and Protein Folding, Physiological Activity, Molecular Evolution, Genetic Engineering, Peptide and Protein Science, Disulfide Binding

The conformational changes of the native proteins cause several diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease. Disulfide bonds play a critical role in the maintenance of the native (bioactive) conformation of peptides and proteins under thermodynamic or kinetic control. Therefore, it is important to regulate disulfide bond formation in protein folding. We currently focus on the development the chemical methods to regulate disulfide-coupled peptide and protein folding


Associate Professor
Molecular Function and Structure Regulation Laboratory
Structural Biology, Thermodynamics

The function of proteins depends on its native tertiary structure. In order to clarify their function mechanism and regulate their function, we perform the structure determination of proteins and thermodynamic analysis.