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Lecturer Ph.D. (Pharmacy)
Department/Life Science  Graduate school/Science

The function of proteins depends on its native tertiary structure. In order to clarify their function mechanism and regulate their function, we perform the structure determination of proteins and thermodynamic analysis.

Interaction between Protein and Ligand.

Research Area Structural Biology, Thermodynamics
Selected Publications 1) Folding of Peptides and Proteins: Role of Disulfide Bonds, Recent Developments. BioMolecular Concepts, 4(6), 597-604 (2013)
2) Effects of positively charged redox molecules on disulfide-coupled protein folding. FEBS Lett., 586(21): 3926-3930 (2012).
3) A chemical method for investigating disulfide-coupled peptide and protein folding., FEBS J., 279(13): 2283-2295 (2012).
(Undergraduate Course)
Osaka Universitry

Molecular Function and Structure Regulation Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows