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Professor Dr. Eng.
Department/Architecture  Graduate school/Environmental Engineering

We do research on vibration to understand damping performance and improve damping techniques, as well seismic design procedures that take damping into account. Our aim is to ensure overall safety and comfort of buildings not only in major earthquakes, but also during small to moderate earthquakes and wind events.

Double-Bypass Magneto-Rheological Fluid Damper

Research Area Structural Engineering
Research Interests Damping Property、Damper and Seismic Design
Selected Publications Quantification of Response Fluctuation Caused by Uncertainty of Fundamental Vibration Characteristics Based on Stationary Random Vibration Response of SDOF System, J. Struct. Constr. Eng., AIJ, Vol.78 No.692, 1715-1723, Oct., 2013
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Waseda Univ.

Vibration Engineering Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows