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Most discrete structures can be expressed in graph form. Graph theory represents a major research field of discrete mathematics. Here, research is conducted into extremal graph theory, which is the relationship between invariants and local substructures of the graph.

Heawood's counterexample to Kempe's "proof"

Research Area Graph Theory
Research Interests Degree conditions for the existence of cycles and trees with special property in graphs
Selected Publications (1) A degree sum condition on the order, the connectivity and the independence number for Hamiltonicity, S.Chiba, M.Furuya, K.Ozeki, M.Tsugaki and T.Yamashita, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics~26 (4) P4.53 (2019).

(2) On directed 2-factors in digraphs and 2-factors containing perfect matchings in bipartite graphs, S.Chiba and T.Yamashita, SIAM J.Discrete Math. 32 (2018) 394--409.

(3) Degree Conditions for the Existence of Vertex-Disjoint Cycles and Paths: A Survey, S.Chiba and T.Yamashita, Graphs Combin.~34 (2018) 1--83.
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