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Math Contest Open to People of All Ages

March 18, 2015
Mathematics Course, Department of Science

The Math Contest takes place every November at the Kindai University Faculty of Science and Engineering's open event under the theme 'Experience the joy of math problems and the thrill of the solution'. Anyone can compete; not just the university's math students but also graduates, high school students, graduate school students, and even instructors. So far, participants have included senior citizens, junior high school students, and even a medalist in the International Mathematical Olympiad. It's truly a 'come one, come all' battle royale of mathematics. Each and every one of the diverse range of participants--whether they're from the Kanto region in the east of Japan or Kyushu in the west, or an international student--plays for keeps in this five-hour marathon of the most creative questions from Kindai University's math teachers.

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