Takuto Mibu, doctoral candidate in Science, wins poster award at 1st Asian Conference on Molecular Magnetism


At the 1st Asian Conference on Molecular Magnetism (ACCM) conducted online for four days from March 7, 2021, Takuto Mibu, a second-year doctoral candidate in Science in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, won a Poster Award.
The conference was originally scheduled to be held in March 2020, but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It finally took place online.
Professor Masaaki Ohba, professor in Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Kyushu University, served as chairman of the Executive Committee. Taking part in online sessions were 248 participants from 26 countries, including China, India, South Korea, Australia, Poland, the U.K., Russia, Spain, New Zealand, and Singapore. Conference events included keynote lectures, invited lectures, oral presentations, and a poster session.
The poster awards were announced on the final day of the conference. There were 56 candidates and 12 winners. There were four winners from Japan, including Kindai's Takuto Mibu.
Poster title: "Synthesis and properties of Cobalt di-oxolene complexes containing bulky ancillary ligand"