Discover the thrill of cutting-edge research

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering; Kindai University

There’s always something new to discover

Seeing senior students’ Bachelor thesis presentations opened my mind to new concepts beyond the status quo. There’s so much that hasn’t been researched yet. If you take up the challenge, you’re bound to make new discoveries.

Expertise will be my advantage

I began doing photocatalyst research with the hope that someday my research would benefit society. Experiments can be very challenging, but every day I focus on keeping a positive attitude and getting results.

Aiming to present at international conferences

I’ve long been interested in lasers. I chose this lab because I heard about the amazing potential of fibre lasers. My goal is to increase laser power output and present my research results at an academic conference in Germany.

Devising experimental methods from scratch

The protein I’m researching is related to the reproductive behaviour of fish. Our experiments have been a trial-and-error process, with no pre-established methods. Even so, we hope to discover technologies that could be used to control fish reproductive behaviour and improve aquafarming.

The power to grasp the essentials

We work to elucidate from a molecular perspective why life-related phenomena occur. The appeal of our research is in trying to fully understand the essence of things—why things happen, rather than just what happened. If we understand the fundamentals, we can apply them to anything.