TV appearances by Kindai University faculty members in January and February 2021


Program: "Yasashii News", February 25, 2021, TV Osaka
Appearance: Shinji Kajiwara, associate professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Associate professor Kajiwara commented on issues related to the future development of electric vehicles in Japan.

Program: "Tsunagaru Ehon", January 15, 2021, BS Asahi
Appearance: Tamio Ida, professor, Bio-Coke Research Institute (micro-energy engineering)
On a program introducing the SDGs, Professor Ida spoke about coffee roasted with bio-coke derived from spent coffee grounds.

Program: "What's This? Mysteries from Around the World", January 13, 2021, Fuji TV
Appearance: Takeshi Morimoto, professor, Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering (lightning discharge, remote sensing, atmospheric electricity)
Professor Morimoto explained mysterious lights shot in Australia.