JST to support innovative research by Dr. Ippei Danshita to discover novel quantum many-body phenomena


The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) has selected research proposed by Ippei Danshita, associate professor in the Physics Course, Department of Science, for support under a program to assist innovative research launched this fiscal year.
This research is scheduled to begin from April 2021.
The JST program promotes challenging and original research, not limited to a specific topic or by short-term goals, that requires long-term endeavor without fear of failure. It specifically targets research fields with the potential to create seeds that will lead to disruptive innovation based on diversity and fusion. The JST program is designed to go beyond the conventional framework for long-term research with support that ensures an environment in which grantees enjoy freedom to concentrate on their research and engage in multifaceted research that is challenging and fuses various findings.

Title of research: "Using Tensor-network Schemes and a Quantum Simulator to Discover Novel Quantum Many-body Phenomena"