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June 16,2017News
Dr. Nagatoshi Koumura for his lecture on "Discovery of molecular rotors that can be driven by photo-energy and Elucidation of the mechanisms".
December 22,2015News
Mathematical Seminar of Kindai University
December 22,2015News
Students of Soft Matter Physics Laboratory attended the Fifth Soft Matter Workshop
May 11,2015News
Research exchange between Yonsei and Kindai: Activity Report.
April 28,2015News
Monozukuri Kobo (Regional Alliance Advanced Research and Education Center) starts
April 19,2015News
Science-Mates Festival by NEDE @ The OSAKA Science & Technology Center
April 16,2015News
Team Kindai won the silver prize at Die and Mold Grand prix
April 16,2015News
Lectures by Prof. Sebbar of Bordeaux University
April 14,2015News
"Kindai Monozukuri Kobo" opened
April 10,2015News
Prof. Munakata was awarded Fellow status from the Chemical Society of Japan
March 7,2015News
"Quasicrystals: A third type of solid", Science channel
March 7,2015News
Lectures by Professor Roberto Percacci from SISSA, Trieste, Italy
March 6,2015News
2nd Faculty of Sci.& Eng. cross-disciplinary exchange meeting
February 2,2015News
Award ceremony held for the 8th Yukawa-Kimura Prize of the Yukawa Memorial Foundation
December 3,2014News
International partners: Physics and Applied Physics, Yonsei University
December 2,2014News
R&D projects, ranking first
November 1,2014News
Official Facebook page of Graduate School
October 28,2014News
Exhibition of Rare Books entitled "Distinguished Books"
October 24,2014News
School Guidance for GSSE

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