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Faculty and Research (Search by Graduate Program)

Molecular and Material EngineeringSearch by graduate program

An introduction to faculty staff members and laboratories in Molecular and Material Engineering.

Note: Information on the laboratories is current as of the 2016 academic year. There may be changes to this information in the 2017 academic year.

Laboratory of Inorganic Materials Chemistry

Mitsunobu IWASAKI

Inorganic Materials Chemistry
We make full use of environmentally friendly methods to fabricate artificial bone that enables fracture patients to live their lives as comfortably as possible. We are also actively involved in creating markers that enable the detection of even single cancer cells and colorants that change hue depending on the viewing angle.
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Surface Design Chemistry Laboratory


Physical Chemistry, Catalytic Chemistry
Catalysts are what control chemical reactions. This laboratory develops intelligent catalysts to enable more effective resource utilization and allow full use of natural energy sources and waste materials. In addition, we also conduct research on earth-friendly chemical reactions such as energy conversion and environmental cleanup.
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Polymer Synthesis Laboratory

Atsushi SUDO

Polymer Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry
The research focuses are 1) designs of new polymers with rigid frameworks, 2) precise syntheses of those polymers as designed based on organic synthesis, and 3) clarification of the properties of the polymer materials.
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Applied Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Hiroaki TADA

This laboratory synthesizes novel hybrid visible-light-responsive photocatalysts. Our research goal is to apply these in chemical material conversion (decomposition of harmful substances + synthesis of useful substances) that makes effective use of solar energy.
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Laboratory of Nano Functional Molecular Chemistry


Organic/Inorganic Composite Nano Chemistry
This laboratory is engaged in research on the use of nanotechnology to create polymer nanotubes with nano-sized pore diameters as well as metal nanoclusters for which organic molecules serve as protective groups.
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Organic and Macromolecular Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory

Associate Professor

Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Electrochemistry
We synthesize organic macromolecules that offer various functions such as temperature-based changes in physical properties and applications to optical storage. We are working to develop environmentally friendly catalysts and functional electrodes by modifying the surface of platinum and carbon fibers with these molecules.
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Organic Structural Chemistry Laboratory

Yoshitane IMAI
Associate Professor

Circularly polarized luminescence, CPL, Supramolecular Chemistry, Chiral Photochemistry
This laboratory is engaged in research based on structural organic chemistry (electronic structures, conjugate electron systems, unique molecular structures, molecular self-assemblies, etc.), and is focused on creating organic functional materials through the ingenious use and design of molecular mechanisms, structures, and reactivity.
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Bio-Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Associate Professor

Chemical Biology, Peptide Chemistry
This laboratory specializes in peptide chemistry and bio-organic chemistry. Our research efforts revolve around creating non-naturally occurring peptides and nucleic acids having new functions that are unavailable in natural peptides/proteins and nucleic acids.
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Organic Materials Lab.

Hidetaka NAKAI
Associate Professor

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Applied Organic Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory

Associate Professor

Organic/Inorganic Composite Materials, Photocatalysts, Electrochemistry
This lab develops new photocatalysts to produce hydrogen, a clean energy source, from sunlight and water. We are taking up the challenge of developing photocatalysts with higher efficiencies with the goal of solving the problems of global warming and energy.
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Applied Elements Chemistry Laboratory

Tsukasa MATSUO
Associate Professor

Main-Group Element Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry
We develop materials that exhibit exceptional functionality by freely combining various elements in the periodic table. We anticipate that this will not only contribute to a better understanding of fundamental chemistry, but also lead to innovations in electronics and energy-efficient technologies.
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Applied Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory


Inorganic Chemistry, Solid-State Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Photocatalyst
This laboratory is guided by the concepts of comfort in daily living and environmental cleanup. Our research is centered on the use of nanotechnologies to develop new synthesis methods for inorganic compounds as well as to derive new functionalities from a wide range of materials.
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