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An introduction to faculty staff members and laboratories in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Note: Information on the laboratories is current as of the 2016 academic year. There may be changes to this information in the 2017 academic year.

Landscape & Heritage Study Laboratory

Masaaki OKADA

Landscape Engineering, Heritage Studies
Research on landscape evaluation and history of civil engineering. We embrace the concept of using landscapes near to us as community assets in doing design. We start with familiar places, and identify issues and research ways to resolve them.
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Environmental Hydraulic Laboratory


We are engaged in a wide range of research including gas transport phenomena in oceans and surrounding flow fields related to the motion of microorganisms. In addition, we are studying the phenomenon of water droplets and gas bubbles using the world's fastest video camera developed at this university.
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Urban Management Laboratory


Transport Planning, Urban Planning, Regional Planning
We are working broadly on urban management in an aging society and low-carbon society from both a theoretical and practical perspective. In particular, we are studying town planning by the residents themselves that applies urban management techniques.
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Laboratory of Composite Structural Engineering


Structural Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Maintenance Engineering
For the sake of safe, reliable and comfortable living, we research the development of new materials and structures, investigate methodologies, and study maintenance of existing structures. We deepen our understanding by examining phenomena, touching on materials and structures in experiments and analysis.
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Bridge Engineering Laboratory

Masahiro YONEDA

Bridge Engineering, Structural Engineering, Structural Dynamics
Bridges that hold up and survive, even when typhoons with wind speeds of 80 meters per second arrive, and also when earthquakes of magnitude 8 strike. Bridges for which no shaking occurs that will cause discomfort when vehicles pass by or when people are walking. We do research on such bridges.
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Applied Mechanics Laboratory

Associate Professor

Material Mechanics, Applied Mechanics, Image Measurement Systems
In the break-up and collapse of a structure, splitting cracks will branch and propagate for several hundred meters. We use experiments and computer simulation to investigate what phenomena are occurring in such situations.
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Environmental Geotechnics Laboratory

Katsuyuki KAWAI
Associate Professor

Geotechnical Engineering, Geoenvironmental Engineering, Disaster Prevention
Using a three-phase mixture comprising soil particles, water, and air, we faithfully model geo-materials that exhibit complex behaviors depending on their composition ratio, and search for clues to solve problems by simulating ground disasters such as landslides and soil contamination.
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Environmental Sanitary Laboratory

Associate Professor

Environmental Engineering
Our laboratory investigates the status and sources of pollution from chemical substances in the atmosphere and water, in microorganisms, and the like. We examine whether the possibility exists that a substance would have an adverse impact on people and ecosystems, and conduct research with the aim of building appropriate systems to manage and control chemical substances.
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Water Environmental Measurement Laboratory

Yasuhide TAKANO
Associate Professor

Environmental Measurement Engineering, Hydrology
Using measurement instruments of our own making, as well as tethered balloons, electron microscopes, and the like, we investigate the state of the environment in urban areas mainly by measuring the heat and moisture environment (temperature, humidity, concentration of substances, etc.) in the atmosphere above cities.
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Environment Material Laboratory

Takayuki FUMOTO
Associate Professor

Concrete Engineering, Construction Materials, Environmental Materials
We are working to elucidate deformation and fracture behavior within materials, the distribution of deterioration in concrete, and optimal conditions for producing bio-coke, building on particulate measurements, deterioration distributions, and deformation measurements, from 3D X-ray computed tomography (CT) images. We will also clarify the physical properties of recycled materials and the characteristics of various types of concrete using them.
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Environmental Biological Science Laboratory

Kazuaki MATSUI
Associate Professor

Microbial Ecology, Evaluation of Impacts on Microbial Ecosystems
We are working on a variety of research projects to understand the microbial ecosystems. We isolate and characterize spore-forming mercury resistant bacteria to understand the dissemination nature of the mercury resistant transposon among bacteria. We also try to elucidate the quantitative relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning with microbes.
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Welfare Planning Laboratory

Associate Professor

Transportation Planning
We research the relationship between people and the social environment from a variety of perspectives, such as engineering, health and well-being, psychology, and cognitive science. In particular, in recent years, we have also been doing R&D on equipment to support independent living by people with disabilities.
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