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Our State-of-the-Art Research Fosters Creative and Globally Minded Human Resources

The Science Major in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering Research comprises four research fields: Mathematical Analysis, Physics, Functional Molecular Chemistry, and Biology/Environmental Chemistry. Our goal is to develop students into engineers, researchers, or educators who—through research in their respective fields—have acquired the ability to think creatively and with a global mindset and who can contribute to the betterment of humanity.

Mathematical Analysis

Mathematics is the foundation of all science. Research here covers a diverse range of elements—not only pure mathematics such as algebra, geometry, and analysis, but also graph algorithms and cryptographic theory. We explore the frontiers of mathematics and foster researchers, educators, and engineers who have a wide perspective and superior problem-solving abilities.


Research here involves a broad array of subjects, including outer space, elementary particles, physical properties, quantum information, soft matter, and biophysics. Physics plays an important role in all fields of natural science and serves as the foundation for engineering. We develop students into creative individuals who can think logically and flexibly to solve complex issues.

Functional Molecular Chemistry

Research in this course covers organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, and areas where these fields overlap. We are engaged in the development and design of new functional molecules—entities that are indispensable to human life. Our goal is to foster individuals capable of researching and developing these molecules.

Biology/Environmental Chemistry

We examine life phenomena and humanity's impact on the environment through the lens of biochemistry, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology, and environmental science. Those who take this course acquire the expertise demanded of our highly industrialized and information-intensive society along with the ability to contribute to the creation of people-friendly environments. We also offer a genetic counselor training course, which is certified by the Japanese Association of Certified Genetic Counselors. Students who complete this course are eligible to take the official qualification test.

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