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Mechanical Engineering


Developing the Next Generation of Highly Skilled Mechanical Engineers

Materials and Processing

As well as researching materials that support the advancement of industry, we study the physical properties and composition of materials and the principles underlying the processes by which they are formed. Our efforts also focus on improving material processing techniques. This course produces engineers who can utilize the latest IT and explore the relationships between materials and the global environment, energy, and resources to design and develop alloy materials and composite materials with new functions and properties.

Energy and Flow

Studies of thermal engineering and fluid engineering elucidate the natural mechanisms that underlie flow and energy. Our findings are put to practical use and play a vital role in solving environmental issues and saving the planet. Fluid energy conversion contributes greatly to energy savings and higher efficiency in equipment. And thermal energy conversion, pursued through next-generation renewable energy infrastructure, aims to promote a more sustainable society. We also observe the Earth's thermofluid properties on a global scale and research ways to help regenerate the planet.

Information and Control

We develop students into robot/mechatronics engineers with a solid grounding in mechanical engineering, IT, and electronics—engineers who can take on challenges in cutting-edge areas of mechanics. Students become well versed in system design for intelligent machinery and in measurement control technologies, while also acquiring the ability to deal with mechatronics as a state-of-the-art technology.

Design and Production

Modern engineering systems—including those related to automobiles, aircraft, and automation equipment—need to exhibit high levels of performance, quality, reliability, and safety. Such systems demand extremely precise processing technology and high production efficiency. We engage in the most up-to-date research and education in design engineering, industrial engineering, processing, and dynamics—which together form the basis of modern engineering systems—with the goal of nurturing engineers who can meet society's needs.

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