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HABE Hitoshi
Associate Professor Doctor of Informatics
Graduate school/Electronic Engineering

We study techniques to process images captured by a camera and understand the things in the image and what is happening in the image. We are working on analyzing group behavior from security cameras as well as the movement of schools of fish in water, and we are tackling development of basic technologies for object recognition.

Vision-based Social Group Extraction and Its Understanding

Research Area Computer Vision,
Image Processing,
Pattern Recognition
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning1, Information Media Project II
Teaching (Graduate Course) Computer Vision,
Research Interests Camera-based group activity analysis、Underwater vision、Pattern recognition system for computer vision
Selected Publications (1) Kei Terayama, Hitoshi Habe, Masa-aki Sakagami: Multiple fish tracking with an NACA airfoil model for collective behavior analysis, IPSJ Transaction on Computer Vision and Applications, 8(4), 2016

(2) Hitoshi Habe, Yasutoshi Nakamura: Appearance-based Parameter Optimization for Accurate Stereo Camera Calibration, Machine Vision and Applications, 2012

(3) Hitoshi Habe, Hidehito Nakagawa, Masatsugu Kidode: Efficient Acquisition of Human Existence Priors from Motion Trajectories, IPSJ Trans. CVA, Vol. 2, pp. 145-155, 2010
Affiliated Academic Societies IEEE, ACM, IEICE (Senior Member), IPSJ (Senior Member), IEEJ,JSAI, JSFS
(Undergraduate Course)
BE, ME, and D. Info from Kyoto University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Kyoto University
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Geometric Information Processing Methods for Elaborating Computer Vision Algorithms、Kyoto University、Nov. 2006
Biography Mitsubishi Electric (1999-2002),
Assistant Professor, Kyoto University(2002-2006),
Assistant Professor, NAIST (2006-2011),
Visiting Schalor, Cambridge University (2010),
Lecturer, Osaka University (2011-2012),
Lecturer, Kindai University (2012-2018), Associate Professor, Kindai University (2018-present)
Awards SPIE Medical Imaging 2008 Honorable Mention Poster Award(2008)

Computer Vision Laboratory

Office Location E-225
E-mail habe(at)
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Academic Staff and Fellows