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OKUTOMI Toshiyuki
Professor D.Eng.
Department/Architecture  Graduate school/Architectural Design Environmental Engineering(兼担)

The modern era is a period in which the globalization of architecture advanced against a background of dramatic technological innovation. In that process, what has architecture taken and what has it left behind? We give thought to what constitutes the essential center from various social contexts surrounding architecture.

Somei Noh Stage

Research Area Architectural Theory, Architectural Design, Architectural History
Research Interests (1) A study on history of modern Noh theaters, (2) A study on historical and contemporary meaning of Japanese Architecture Association’s Manchuria survey, (3) A study on the construction of Northeast Asia urban and architectural history through Japanese researchers’ Manchuria survey.
Selected Publications (1)Okutomi, Toshiyuki. Kindai Kokka to Nōgakudō. Shohan. Okayama-shi: Daigaku Kyōiku Shuppan, 2009. (2) Okutomi, Toshiyuki. The Process For The Birth Of Noh Theater In Early Meiji Period: Through the establishment of Aoyama imperial palace's Noh stage and Nohgakusha, Tokyo-to: Architectural Institute Of Japan, 2003. (3) Okutomi, Toshiyuki. The Manchuria survey by Ohe shitaro: In anticipation of the future of modern Japanese architecture , Nagoya-shi: Huubaisha,2012.
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
Hosei university
(Master's/Doctral Course)
The University of Tokyo

Architectural Design Theory Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows