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WAKITA Yoshihisa
Professor Doctore of Engineering
Department/Architecture  Graduate school/Environmental Engineering

Based on knowledge and techniques of urban planning and architectural planning, we define the principles of space configuration in cities, villages, and houses indigenous to regions in Japan as well as in Southeast Asia, with a view toward resolving regional problems. At the same time, we are engaged in practical research on techniques to promote collaborative community development with citizen involvement.

Urban landscape in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Research Area Urban Planning, Architectural Planning
Research Interests Urban housing in southeast Asia, space organization of vernacular settlements, urban planning with citizen participation
Selected Publications 1.Planning method for Slum, Mekong publishing, 2013
2. Spatial Recomposition of Shophouses in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, vol.9 no.1 May 2010
3. Rehabilitation of Historic Urban Landscape in Padang after the earthquake West Sumatra,Indonesia, Architectural Institute of Japan, 2010-2014
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
BE, ME and DE from Kyoto Unniversity

Urban Planning Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows