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Professor Doctor of Enginnering
Department/Civil and Environmental Engineering  Graduate school/Environmental Engineering

We are working broadly on urban management in an aging society and low-carbon society from both a theoretical and practical perspective. In particular, we are studying town planning by the residents themselves that applies urban management techniques.

Comparison of population concentration between London, Tokyo, Nagoya and Bangkok

Research Area Transport Planning, Urban Planning, Regional Planning
Research Interests Transport Planning, Urban Planning, Regional Planning
Selected Publications (1)Cost analysis of community bus system operations in Japan,International Journal of Urban Sciences, Vol.13 (2009)
(2)A method for measuring environmental value consciousness by factor analysis, International Journal of Urban Sciences, Vol.13 (2009)
(3)Backcast analysis for realizing sustainable urban form in Nagoya, Built Environment, Vol.29 (2003)
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
BE,ME and DE from Nagoya University

Urban Management Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows