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Kazuaki MATSUI
Professor Doctor of Science
Department/Civil and Environmental Engineering  Graduate school/Environmental Engineering

We are working on a variety of research projects to understand the microbial ecosystems. We isolate and characterize spore-forming mercury resistant bacteria to understand the dissemination nature of the mercury resistant transposon among bacteria. We also try to elucidate the quantitative relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning with microbes.

Model of a typical mercury resistance (mer) system in Bacilli.

Research Area Microbial Ecology,
Evaluation of Impacts on Microbial Ecosystems
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Ecology
Microbial Ecology
Teaching (Graduate Course) Environmental Microbiology
Research Interests 1) Dissemination and distribution of mercury resistant transposon in Bacilli.
2) Biodiversity and multifunctionality in a microbial community.
3) Bacterial responses against sewage overflow in urban river, Doutonbori-gawa.
4) Risk assessment of genetically modified bacteria in ecosystem.
Selected Publications (1) Statistical recipe for quantifying microbial functional diversity from EcoPlate metabolic profiling. Ecological Research 33: 249-260. (2018)
(2) Mercury bioremediation by mercury resistance transposon-mediated in situ molecular breeding. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 102: 3037-3048.(2018)
(3) Biodiversity and multifunctionality in a microbial community: a novel theoretical approach to quantify functional redundancy. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281: 20132498. (2014).
Research and Achievements
Affiliated Academic Societies American Society for Microbiology
Internationl Society for Microbial Ecology
External Activity ・Editorial board of Ecological Research
(Undergraduate Course)
B.S. in Environmental Conservation from Ehime University, Japan
M.S. in Environmental Conservation from Ehime University, Japan
M.S. in Microbiology and Immunology from University of Illinois at Chicago, U.S.A.
D.Sc. in Biological Science from Kyoto University, Japan (2002)

Environmental Biological Science Laboratory

Office Location 2nd floor of 33th Building
E-mail kmatsui(at)
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Academic Staff and Fellows