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KAWAI Katsuyuki
Professor Doctor of Enginnering
Department/Civil and Environmental Engineering  Graduate school/Environmental Engineering

Using a three-phase mixture comprising soil particles, water, and air, we faithfully model geo-materials that exhibit complex behaviors depending on their composition ratio, and search for clues to solve problems by simulating ground disasters such as landslides and soil contamination.

Research Area Geotechnical Engineering, Geoenvironmental Engineering, Disaster Prevention
Research Interests Constitutive model for unsaturated soil
Long-term stability of earth structures
Vegetation effects on the ground
Mass tansportation within the ground
Salt damage on the ground
Selected Publications (1) Non-uniform settlement of compacted earth structures caused by the deformation characteristics of unsaturated soil on wetting, Soils and Foundations, Vol.47, No.2, pp.195-206 (2007)
(2) Laboratory hydraulic testing in unsaturated soils, Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, Vol.26, No.6, pp.691-704 (2008)
(3) Expression of mechanical characteristics in compacted soil with soil/water coupled F.E. simulation, Proc. 18th Int. Conf. on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Paris, pp.1129-1132 (2013)
(Undergraduate Course)
BE from Kobe University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
ME and DE from Kobe University

Environmental Geotechnics Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows