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Professor Doctor of Engineering
Department/Civil and Environmental Engineering  Graduate school/Environmental Engineering

For the sake of safe, reliable and comfortable living, we research the development of new materials and structures, investigate methodologies, and study maintenance of existing structures. We deepen our understanding by examining phenomena, touching on materials and structures in experiments and analysis.

Development of durable lightweigt composite deck

Research Area Structural Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Maintenance Engineering
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Structural Mechanics I, Exercise of Structural Mechanics I, Structural Mechanics II, Exercise of Structural Mechanics II, Structural Mechanics III, Maintenace Engineering, Reinforced Concrete Engineering, Structural Concrete
Teaching (Graduate Course) Composite Structural Engineering, Maintenace Engineering, and so on
Research Interests Composite Structures, Concrete Slabs, Maintenance, Post-installed anchor, Cement Based Fiber Reinforced Materials, Recycle of ceramic wastes
Selected Publications (1) A study on Soundness evaluation method dor bridge slabs by using FWD, Proceedings of the Concrete Structure Scenarios, JSMS, Vol.19, pp.623-628 (2019) (in Japanese)
(2) Proposed equation for pull-out bearing capacity and correlation with torque vcapacity of post-installed screw anchor, Journal of Society of Materials Science, Japan,Vol.68,No.7,pp.584-589 (2019) (in Japanese)
(3) Evaluation of fatigue durability and improvement of fatigue strength of studs in steel plate-concrete composite deck, Journal of JSCE A1(Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering), Vol.74, No.3, pp.306-318 (2018) (in Japanese)
Research and Achievements
Affiliated Academic Societies Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Japan Concrete Institute, American Concrete Institute, The Society of Materials Science, Japan, Japanese Society of Steel Construction, Japanese Society for Engineering Education
(Undergraduate Course)
BE from Kinki University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
ME and DE from Osaka University
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Study on Mechanical Behavior of Concrete Slab in Composite Bridges Prestressed by External Cable System, Osaka University (1999)
Biography Research Associate (1999), Assistant Professor (2002), Associate Professor (2010), Professor (2016) at Kindai University
Visiting Researcher at The University of British Columbia, Canada (2005-2006)

Laboratory of Composite Structural Engineering

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Academic Staff and Fellows