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Lecturer Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering
Department/Electric and Electronic Engineering 

We are involved in R&D on laser equipment, laser application research, as well as laser-related peripheral technologies.

Study on surface treatment of metallic materials by laser peening

Research Area Laser Engineering, Laser Applications
Research Interests Laser peening
Selected Publications (1)Grain Size Dependence of Surface Hardness of Laser-Peened Steels, The Review of Laser Engineering,Vol.41,No.2pp.134-136(2013)
(2)Effects of Laser Peening Parameters on Plastic Deformation in Stainless Steel, Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering Vol. 11,
No. 2 pp. 227-231(2016)
(3)Effect of laser peening with glycerol as plasma confinement layer, Applied Physics A Vol. 124:250(2018)
(Undergraduate Course)
Kindai university

Photo Process Engineering Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows