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Professor Ph. D in Eng.
Department/Energy and Materials  Graduate school/Electronic Engineering Innovative Engineering(兼担)

The research interests are safety confinement, storage and handling of hydrogen isotopes and radioactive elements in materials. Experiments and simulation on transport phenomena of elements in materials and interactions of radiation and materials are conducted.

Plasma exposure experiment at high temperatures

Research Area Materials science for energy, Science and technology for hydrogen isotopes, Transport phenomena of elements in materials, Irradiation effects on materials
Teaching (Graduate Course) Transport phenomena in materials, Energy materials science
Research Interests Behaviors of hydrogen in materials
Irradiation effects on materials
Corrosion behaviors of materials
Selected Publications (1) An overview of tritium retention in dust particles from the JET-ILW divertor, T. Otsuka, S. Masuzaki, N. Ashikawa, Y. Torikai, Y. Hatano, M. Tokitani, Y. Oya, N. Asakura, T. Hayashi, H. Tanigawa, Y. Iwai, A. Widdowson, M. Rubel, Physica Scripta 97(2) 024008-024008 (2022).

(2) Effects of rhenium contents on oxidation behaviors of tungsten-rhenium alloys in the oxygen gas atmosphere at 873 K, Teppei Otsuka, Natsuki Sawano, Yuji Fujii, Tomohiro Omura, Chase Taylor, Masashi Shimada, Nuclear Materials and Energy, Volume 25, 100791 (2020).

(3) Application of a Tritium Imaging Plate Technique to Depth Profiling of Hydrogen in Metals and Determination of Hydrogen Diffusion Coefficients, T . Otsuka, T. Tanabe, Materials Transactions, 58, 10, (2017) 1364-1372.
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Advanced Energy Environment Application Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows