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NOGAMI Masanobu
Professor Doctor of Enginnering
Department/Energy and Materials  Graduate school/Electronic Engineering

We are working to develop new separation technologies and new functional materials using radiation in order to make effective use of radioactive substances not only in atomic energy applications, but also with the aim of expanding into other areas such as healthcare.

Expected adsorption form of Silica-DMAA reis to U(VI)

Research Area Separation Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry
Research Interests (1) Development of novel adsorbents and extractants with selectivity to uranium species from other metal ions in variois media
(2) Development of novel functional organic materials using gamma-ray irradiation
(3) Development of novel metal recycle systems using ionic liquids
Selected Publications (1) Adsorptivity of Silica-supported Monoamide Resins to U(IV) in Nitric Acid Media, J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 283, 177-180 (2010).

(2) Adsorptivity of Silica-supported Adsorbents Impregnated with Polyphosphine Polyoxides to U(VI) and Some Other Metal Ions in NitricAcidMedia, J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 284, 195-199 (2010).

(3) Stability of Pyrrolidone Derivatives against γ-Ray Irradiation, Sci. China Chem., 55, 1739-1745 (2012).
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
Sophia Univ.(BE)、Tokyo Institute of Technology (ME & DE)

Nuclear Chemistry Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows