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Professor Doctor of Engineering
Department/Electric and Electronic Engineering  Graduate school/Innovative Engineering Electronic Engineering(兼担)

We develop new materials to create new electronic components and also develop technologies to fabricate them easily. We also develop new analytical techniques using these new materials, such as atmospheric analysis and observation of catalyst reactions.

Development of Metal-oxide Nanowire for High Brightness and Long-life Electron Emitter

Research Area Material Science, Material Process Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering
Research Interests Development of Functionally Material, Material Processing Technology and Novel Analytical Equipment for Material Science
Selected Publications (1) Effect of pulse parameter change on a-SiCN diaphragms for environmental cells fabricated by magnetic-field- and pulsed-plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, Vacuum 158 (2018) 60–64.
(2) Surface modification of triacetylcellulose by low-energy nitrogen ions for diaphragm of environmental cell transmission electron microscope, Surface & Coatings Technology 344 (2018) 58–61.
(3) Development of electrostatic spherical aberration corrector using annular and circular electrodes, Surf. Interface Anal. 48 (2016) 1160–1165.
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
BE,ME and DE from Kindai University

Material Processing Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows