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Associate Professor Ph.D.
Department/Mechanical Engineering  Graduate school/Mechanical Engineering

Research Area Human Machine Interface, Ergonomics/Human Factor, Cognitive Psychology, Automotive Engineering
Research Interests Study of vehicle assessment from driver's point of view
Study of tool operation feeling
Study of working posture
Selected Publications (1) Proposal of Vehicle Evaluation Method based on Human-Tool-System Focusing on Time-series Waveforms Matching,Transactions of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan,48(5),p.1143-1148(2017)

(2)Human-vehicle embodiment when predictability is violated,PsyCH Journal,6(3),p.241-242 (2017)

(3)A Hierarchical Model of Operational Anticipation Windows in Driving an Automobile, Cognitive Processing, 7, p.275-287 (2006)
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
Doshisha University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Doshisha University (Master), Kyushu University(Doctor)
Biography Honda R&D Co.,Ltd, Automobile R&D Center (1992-2017), Fundamental Research Center (2013-2014)
Books Recommended to Students Books written by Takashi Yoro
Interests and Others Mountain Climbing, reading, Japanese Tea Ceremony (master)

Human Machine Interface Lab.

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Academic Staff and Fellows