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Professor Dr. Eng.
Department/Mechanical Engineering 
Department of Mechanical engineering
Graduate school/Mechanical Engineering

Torrefied Cellulose

Research Area Thermal engineering、Biomass energy engineering
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Thermodynamics
Selected Publications [1] Tomohito Inoue, Kentaro Tamakoshi and Toru Sawai, Wet torrefaction kinetics and heating value estimation for wet torrefied Japanese cedar and rice straw, Journal of Thermal Science and Technology, 2024, Vol. 19, Issue 1, Pages 23-00561.
[2] Toru Sawai, Kenji Yokota and Nami Tagami-Kanada, Generalized heating value estimation of torrefied woody biomass based on pyrolysis kinetics of primary constituent polymers, Journal of Thermal Science and Technology, 2022, Vol. 17, Issue 3, Pages 22-00114.
[3] Fumiya Moriyama, Satoru Mizuno, Nami Tagami-Kanada and Toru Sawai, Evaluation of energy properties of torrefied biomass for a given pyrolysis condition by isothermal pyrolysis kinetics, Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2021, Vol. 8, No. 3, Pages 21-00069.
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Thermal Energy System Lab.

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Academic Staff and Fellows