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NAKAI Masaaki
Professor Doctor of Engineering
Department/Mechanical Engineering  Graduate school/Mechanical Engineering

Development of new alloys and improvement in mechanical properties of alloys for biomedical applications are studied by controlling microstructures via optimizing chemical compositions and fabrication process conditions.

Research Area Metallic Materials Science and Engineering, Biomaterials Science and Engineering
Research Interests Developments of Titanium Alloys and Metallic Devices for Biomedical Applications
Improvements in Mechanical Properties of Titanium Alloys through Microstructure Control
Selected Publications (1) M. Nakai, M. Niinomi, K. Komine, H.H. Liu, Y. Morisada and H. Fujii: High-cycle fatigue properties of an easily hot-workable (α + β)-type titanium alloy butt joint prepared by friction stir welding below β transus temperature, Mater. Sci. Eng. A 742 (2019) 553-563.

(2) M. Nakai, T. Iwasaki and K. Ueki: Differences in the effect of surface texturing on the wear loss of β-type Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr and (α+β)-type Ti-6Al-4V ELI alloys in contact with zirconia in physiological saline solution, J. Mech. Behav. Biomed. Mater. 124 (2021) 104808.

(3) M. Nakai, K. Narita, K. Kobayashi, K. Sasagawa, M. Niinomi and K. Hasegawa: Concept and fabrication of beta-type titanium alloy rod with parts possessing different Young’s moduli for spinal fixation, Mater. Trans. 64 (2023) 147-154.

(Undergraduate Course)
Nagoya Univeristy
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Academic Staff and Fellows