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Professor Doctor of Enginnering
Department/Mechanical Engineering  Graduate school/Mechanical Engineering

We are working to elucidate and model the detailed behavior of flows, heat, and materials, such as inside mechanical equipment like chemical reactors and in flow fields in the environment. We also do research to develop practical numerical models helpful to industry.

Visualization of the concentration of (a) chemical species A and (b) chemical product in a turbulent reacting mixing layer by numerical simulation

Research Area Fluid Engineering, Turbulent Flows, Material and Thermal Diffusion
Research Interests Turbulent reacting flows, atmospheric dispersion, multiphase turbulent flows
Selected Publications (1) Large-Eddy Simulation of the Effects of Wind-Direction Fluctuations on Turbulent Flow and Gas Dispersion Within a Cubical Canopy, Boundary-Layer Meteorology. vol. 173, pp. 243-262. (2019)

(2) Large-eddy simulation for turbulent flow and gas dispersion over wavy walls, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Vo.125 pp. 569-579  (2018).

(3) Effect of fetch on a mechanism for pollutant removal from a two-dimensional street canyon, Boundary-Layer Meteorology. vol. 160, pp. 185-199. (2016)
(Master's/Doctral Course)
ME from Kyushu University, DE from Kyoto University

Fluid Engineering Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows