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Associate Professor Doctor of Energy Sience
Department/Mechanical Engineering  Graduate school/Mechanical Engineering

We conduct research into improving the safety, comfort, and driving environment of cars by using a driving simulator and computer analysis to measure a number of factors of the car driver.

Research subject

Research Area Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Design
Research Interests Autonomous car Driving, Evaluation of Driver’s Mental Workload, Hydraulic L-shaped check ball behavior using CAE analysis, New Suspension Mechanism for a Formula Car
Selected Publications (1)  Driver-Condition Detection Using a Thermal Imaging Camera and Neural Networks, International Journal of Automotive Technology volume 22, 1505–1515 (2021).

(2) Evaluation of Magnus Force on Check Ball Behavior in a Hydraulic L Shaped Pipe. Fluids 2021, 6, 191.

(3)  Improvement in Steering Performance by Push-Pull Operation in Car Driving, International Journal of Automotive & Mechanical Engineering 15(1) 4919-4934 2018
(Undergraduate Course)
BE and ME from Tohoku University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
DE from Kyoto University

Mechanical Functional Design Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows