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HARADA Takashi
Professor Doctor of Engineering
Department/Mechanical Engineering  Graduate school/Innovative Engineering Mechanical Engineering(兼担)

Ichiro Suzuki, the Major League player who continues to smash hits even though his circumstances have changed, is the precision machinery of the baseball world. We conduct research, aiming to achieve machinery like Ichiro—machines that do the job reliably even when operating environments and circumstances change.

High precision 3 DOF parallel mechanism

Research Area Parallel Mechanisms, Precision Machinery, Machine Kinematics, Mechanics
Research Interests Kinematics and dynamics of parallel mechanisms..
Design and control of parallel robot.
Industrial application of the parallel robot. (e.g. mold polishing, rehabilitation.)
Novel mechanisms for mechanical systems.
Selected Publications Singularity Free Mode Changes of a Redundantly Driven Two Limbs Six-Dof Parallel Robot,Takashi Harada
Yuta Kunishige,ROMANSY 2020: ROMANSY 23 - Robot Design, Dynamics and Control pp 405-413,2020
Kinematics and Singularity Analysis of a CRRHHRRC Parallel Schoenflies Motion Generator, Takashi Harada, Jorge Angeles, Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 38, Issue 2, pp. 185-197, 2014
Impedance Control of a Redundantly Actuated 3-DOF Planar Parallel Link Mechanism Using Direct Drive Linear Motors, T. Harada and M. Nagase, Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, pp. 501-506, 2010
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Osaka University

Precision Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows