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ASANO Kazunori
Professor Doctor
Department/Mechanical Engineering  Graduate school/Mechanical Engineering

We are actively involved in research on heat-resistant and wear-resistant composite materials in which metals are reinforced using ceramic particles or fibers. We are also doing R&D on environmentally benign melting and solidification technologies aimed at saving energy, conserving resources, and recycling.

SEM photograph of longitudinal fracture surface of carbon continuous fiber-reinforced magnesium alloy composite after tensile test at room temperat

Research Area Foundry Engineering, Composite Materials Engineering
Research Interests 1. Fabrication of metal matrix composite and its properties
2. Fabrication of cast metals with high performance
Selected Publications (1) K. Asano, K. Fujito, H. Watanabe,  M. Iwasaki, K. Ueki, M. Nakai,  Effects of Al addition and heat treatment on microstructure and damping capacity of flake graphite cast iron, Transactions of the JSME88, (913)(2022) 22-00216.

(2) K. Asano, R. Toyoda, M. Matsumuro, A. Okada, International Journal of Cast Metals Research 35(1-3) (2022) pp.24-32


(3)K. Asano, H. Yamada, S. Sugimura,Erosion Resistance of Heat-treated Aluminum Cast Iron to Aluminum Alloy Melt,J. JFS, Vol.94, No.1(2022)pp. 11-17.

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Composite Materials Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows