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KOMADA Munekazu
Lecturer Doctor of Medical Science
Department/Life Science  Graduate school/Science Science(兼担)

I would like to clarify the influence of maternal environment during pregnancy on the development and development of children. In addition, I aim to prevent birth defects and contribute to the healthy growth of children. I would like to engage in the development of human resources who wish for the birth and growth of children who will lead the next generation.

Research Area Anatomy, Developmental Neurotoxicology, Congenital Anomaly, Mammalian Embryology
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Class Experiments on Physiology and Biochemistry, Environmental Science Laboratory, Introduction to Life Science
Teaching (Graduate Course) Developmental Biology, Biology and Environmental Chemistry, Biomolecular and Environmental Chemistry, Human genetics
Research Interests Elucidating the effects of chemical exposure on fetal development
Elucidation of the influence of pregnancy environment on maternal and fetal brain function
Studies on the relationship between microglia activity and neurogenesis, development by brain inflammation
Selected Publications 1) Komada M, Nagao T, Kagawa N, (2020) Postnatal di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate exposure affects hippocampal dentate gyrus morphogenesis, J Appl Toxicol.;40(12):1673-1682.

1) Takahashi M, Komada M, Miyazawa K, Goto S, Ikeda Y, (2018) Bisphenol A exposure induced increased microglia and microglial related factors in the murine embryonic dorsal telencephalon and hypothalamus., Toxicol. Lett., 284: 113-119.

2) Komada M, Hara N, Kawachi S, Kawachi K, Kagawa N, Nagao T, Ikeda Y, (2017) Mechanisms underlying neuro-inflammation and neurodevelopmental toxicity in the mouse neocortex following prenatal exposure to ethanol. Sci. Rep., 7:4934
Research and Achievements
Identify factors related to the development and development of children, and establish an environment related to healthy growth.

l  Clarify how microglia and neuro-inflammation are involved in tissue organization of the neocortex.

l  Understanding the association between neuro-inflammation in the prenatal period and congenital anomalies.

Affiliated Academic Societies Japan Teratology Society, The Japanese Association of Anatomiests, The Japan Neuroscience Society, The Japanese Society of Toxicology
(Undergraduate Course)
Fukui Prefectural University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
Biography Kyoto University, Research Fellow (2008), Research Institute of Physiology, Research institute (2009), Fukui University, Assistant Professor (2010), Aichi Gakuin University, Assistant Professor (2013), Aichi Medical University Lecturer (2018)
Awards Japan Teratology Society, Incentive Award (2008)
Message to Students Let's face humanity and things with sincerity, and aim for the best possible effort and results together.

Mammalian Embryology

Office Location Building 22, 5th floor
E-mail komada(at)
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Academic Staff and Fellows