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KISHITA Yoshihito
Lecturer Ph.D.(Science)
Department/Life Science  Graduate school/Science

Human genome is the master blueprint of the human body. We investigate how gene mutations cause diseases. It aims at the elucidation of disease pathology and the development of drug discovery research using genome analysis and genome editing technology.

Research Area Molecular biology, Human genetics, Genome analysis, Mitochondria
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Medical Informatics、Public Health、Bioethics、
Introduction to Life Science、Laboratory in Molecular Biology、Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory、Synthetic Seminar 1&2、Seminar for Bachelor Thesis、Seminar for Life Science 1、Individual Study for Bachelor Thesis
Teaching (Graduate Course) Molecular genetics、Introduction to Advanced Studies on Cell Biology and Medical Sciences、Advanced Research on Biological and Environmental Chemistry、Human Genetics II、Advanced Exercise in Human Genetics、Ethical Issues in Medical Genetics、Clinical Genetics II、Bioinformatics for Genetic Counseling II
Research Interests Elucidate of the cause and pathophysiology of mitochondrial diseases
Development of new therapies for mitochondrial diseases
Molecular functional analysis of mitochondria-related genes
Selected Publications (1) Kishita Y, Sugiura A, Onuki T, Ebihara T et al,
Strategic validation of variants of uncertain significance in ECHS1 genetic testing. J Med Genet. 60(10):1006-1015. 2023

(2) Kishita Y, Shimura M, Kohda M, Fushimi T, Nitta KR et al, Genome sequencing and RNA-seq analyses of mitochondrial complex I deficiency revealed Alu insertion-mediated deletion in NDUFV2. Hum Mutat. 42(11):1422-1428. 2021

(3) Frazier AE, Compton AG, Kishita Y, et al,
Fatal perinatal mitochondrial cardiac failure caused by recurrent de novo duplications in the ATAD3 locus. Med. 2(1):49-73. 2021
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
Department of Life Science, College of Science, Rikkyo University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Genetic studies on inborn errors of energy metabolism in Drosophila, Tokyo Metropolitan University, 2012/3
Biography Saitama Medical University、postdoctoral fellow (2012-2015)、Saitama Medical University、Assistant Professor (2016)、Juntendo University 、Assistant Professor (2017-2019)、Kindai University、Lecturer (2020-)
Awards Young Investigator's Award, the Japan Society of Biomedical Gerontology (2008)

Genome Sciences Lab.

Office Location Building 22, 3rd floor
E-mail kishita(at)
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Academic Staff and Fellows