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Lecturer Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department/Life Science  Graduate school/Science Innovative Engineering(兼担)

We aim to elucidate various phenomena in the life sciences, including molecular evolution, drug susceptibility, and protein-protein interactions, using computational chemistry and bioinformatics that utilize computers and supercomputer.

Life Science with Computer

Research Area Computational Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Protein-protein interaction, Infections, Drug Resistance, Molecular Evolution
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Bioinformatics, Introduction to Life Science, Biostatistics, Basic Biology, Public Health, Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry Laboratory, Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory, Seminar for Bachelor Thesis, Synthetic Seminar
Teaching (Graduate Course) Computational Life Science, Bioinformatics for Genetic Counseling, Advanced Exercise in Human Genetics, Clinical Genetics, Supplemental Nutrition Substances, Introduction to Advanced Studies on Biomolecules and Environmental Chemistry
Research Interests Protein-protein interaction analysis by using supercomputer.
Identification of pathogenic factor and mechanism of mutation by molecular evolution method
Prediction of drug resistance by using molecular docking and simulation
Identification of virus infection mechanism by molecular modeling
Selected Publications (1) Arai Y., Kawashita N., Hotta K., Hoang P. V. M., Nguyen H. L. K., Nguyen T. C., Vuong C. D., Le T. T., Le M. T. Q., Soda K., Ibrahim M. S., Daidoji T., Takagi T., Shioda T., Nakaya T., Ito T., Hasebe F., Watanabe Y.
Multiple polymerase gene mutations for human adaptation occurring in Asian H5N1 influenza virus clinical isolates.
Sci Rep. 8(1), 13066(13 pages) (2018).
(2) Tian Y.-S., Zhou Y., Takagi T., Kameoka M., Kawashita N.
Dengue Virus and Its Inhibitors: A Brief Review
Chem. Pharm. Bull. 66(3), 191-206, (2018).
(3) Murai T., Kawashita N., Tian Y.-S., Takagi T.
In silico analysis of enantioselective binding of immunomodulatory imide drugs to cereblon.
Springerplus 5(1), 1122 (7 pages), (2016).
Research and Achievements
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(Undergraduate Course)
Faculty of Science, Osaka City University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University
Biography Designated Research Associate, Designated Assistant Professor, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University (2005-2007)
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University (2007-2017)

Computational Life Science

Office Location 5th floor, 22nd building, HigashiOsaka campus
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Academic Staff and Fellows