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IKEDA Hiroko
Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Medicine)
Department/Life Science 

To establish effective radiation therapy, we are investigating to evaluate the mechanisms underlying the acquisition of resistance for radiation treatment in cancer cells. Additionally, our approach is to assess the combined effects of radiation and simulated microgravity on human body during prolonged stay in space.

Research Area Radiation Biology, Cell Biology, Space Biology
Research Interests Elucidation of biological effects caused by radiation for radiotherapy and space biosciences
Selected Publications (1) Regulation of cellular responses to X-ray irradiation through the activation of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) receptor-3 (LPA3) and LPA2 in osteosarcoma cells. Ikeda H., Takai M., Yashiro N., Amano Y., Hara K., Yamamoto M., Tsujiuchi T., Pathol Res Pract., 257:155293 (2024)

(2) ATR signaling controls the bystander responses of human chondrosarcoma cells by promoting RAD51-dependent DNA repair. Luong NC., Kawamura H., Ikeda H., Roppongi RT., Shibata A., Hu J., Jiang JG, Yu DS, Held KD.,Int J Radiat Biol., 100(5): 724-735 (2024)

(3) Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) receptor-mediated signaling and cellular responses to anticancer drugs and radiation of cancer cells. Ikeda H., Takai M., Tsujiuchi T., Adv Biol Regul., 92:101029 (2024)
Research and Achievements
Affiliated Academic Societies The Japanese Radiation Research Society, Japanese Society for Biological Sciences in Space, Japanese Cancer Association, Japanese Society for Quantum Medical Science, Young Radiation Biologists' Association of Japan, The Japan Microbeam Biology Research Association
(Undergraduate Course)
Department of Life Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kindai University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine (Master Course of Biomedical Sciences, PhD Course of Medical Sciences)
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Development of 3D clinostat synchronized irradiation systems to analyze the combined effects on radiation under simulated microgravity for space biosciences, Gunma University, 2017 March
Biography Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research, International Open Laboratory (Dr. Held lab), Postdoctoral researcher (2017 April-2020 March)
Awards Japanese Society for Biological Sciences in Space Young Investigator Award (2017 September)
Atomic Energy Society of Japan, Kanto-Koetsu Branch (11th Young Researcher’s Presentation and Discussion Meeting) Award for Emerging Technology(2012 November)

Molecular Oncology Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows