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SAGA Yoshitaka
Professor Doctor of Engineering
Department/Science  Graduate school/Science

We focus on the mechanisms of photobiological reactions, such as photosynthesis, at the molecular level. In addition, we develop photofunctional nanomaterials that will contribute to solve energy and environmental issues.

Elucidation of photosynthetic mechanism at the molecular level

Research Area Photobiological Chemistry
Research Interests (1)Biochemical and Biophysical Studies on Structure-Function Relationship of Photosynthetic Supramolecules
(2)Development of Artificial Photosynthetic Systems Using Photosynthetic Pigment Organization
(3)Biochemical Study on Metabolisms of Photosynthetic Pigments
(4)Utilization of biomass by photochemical methodology
Selected Publications (1) Y. Saga, K. Kawano, Y. Otsuka, M. Imanishi, Y. Kimura, S. Matsui, H. Asakawa
Selective Oxidation of B800 Bacteriochlorophyll a in Photosynthetic Light-harvesting Protein LH2
Sci. Rep.9: 3636 (2019).
(2) Y. Saga, M. Yamashita, S. Nakagawa
In situ Conversion of Chlorophyll b Reconstituted into Photosynthetic Protein LH2
Chem. Lett. 48, 170-1273 (2019).
(3) M. Imanishi, M. Takenouchi, S. Takaichi, S. Nakagawa, Y. Saga, S. Takenaka, M. T. Madigan, J. Overmann, Z.-Y. Wang-Otomo, Y. Kimura
A Dual Role for Ca2+ in Expanding the Spectral Diversity and Stability of Light-Harvesting 1 Reaction Center Photocomplexesof Purple Phototrophic Bacteria
Biochemistry 58, 2844-2852 (2019).
(4) Y. Saga, K. Hirota, S. Matsui, H. Asakawa, H. Ishikita, K. Saito
Selective Removal of B800 Bacteriochlorophyll a in Light-harvesting Complex 2 from the Purple Photosynthetic Bacterium Phaeospirillum molischianum
Biochemistry 57, 3075–3083 (2018).
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The University of Tokyo
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The University of Tokyo

Biological Chemistry Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows