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OKUBO Takashi
Professor Doctor of Science
Department/Science  Graduate school/Science

Metal complexes, which are composite inorganic/organic compounds, can be expected to exhibit unique physical properties due to their distinct structure and electronic states. We synthesize new metal complexes having a polymer structure, and after clarifying their structure, electronic states, and electrical conductivity, apply them in organic photoelectronic devices such as solar cells.

Development of New Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solar Cells with Coordination Polymers

Research Area Coordination Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Opto-Electronic Devices
Research Interests Synthesis of New Coordination Polymers
Development of Ferroelectric Coordination Polymers
Studies on Carrier-Transport Properties of Coordination Polymers
Development of Thin-Film Solar Cells with Coordination Polymers
Selected Publications (1) Measuring the competition between bimolecular charge recombination and charge transport in organic solar cells under operating conditions, Energy Environ. Sci., 2018, 11, 3019-3032.
(2) Crystal Structure and Band-Gap Engineering of a Semiconducting Coordination Polymer Consisting of Copper(I) Bromide and a Bridging Acceptor Ligand, Inorg. Chem., 2018, 57, 2373-2376.
(3) A new semiconducting 1D Cu(I)–Cu(II) mixedvalence coordination polymer with Cu(II) dimethylpiperidine–dithiocarbamate and a tetranuclear Cu(I)–Br cluster unit, Polymers, New J. Chem., 2018, 42, 3995-3998.
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Tokyo Metropolitan University

Coordination Chemistry Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows