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A wide variety of substances are present on Earth, and among them are elements essential to living organisms. We elucidate the circulation mechanism for these elements on Earth.

Geochemical circulation of bioactive trace element

Research Area Oceangeochemistry
Research Interests Geochemical study of bioactive trace elements in sea water. Enivronmental studies on Asian Dust storm in the Higashiosaka city.
Selected Publications (1)Nakaguchi, Y., Sakamoto A., Asatani T., Minami T., Shitashima K., Zheng L., Sohrin Y.(2022)
(3)Nakaguchi, Y., Ikeda, Y., Hamaya, S., Asakura, T.(2016)Effect of basification on trace metal speciation in the Amano River, Chikyukagaku(Geochemistry) 50, 227-241
Research and Achievements
Affiliated Academic Societies Geochemical Society of Japan, The Oceanographic Society of Japan, The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
(Undergraduate Course)
School of Science and Technology, Kindai University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kindai University

Geochemical Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows