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Recent Development of Sequential Reactions Initiated by Prins Cyclization

Research Area Organic Synthetic Chemistry, Development of New Organic Reaction
Research Interests (1) Development of new organic reactions using electro-organic chemistry
(2) Development of cyclization reactions using Lewis acids (3) Synthesis of organic electronic materials for organic solar cell
Selected Publications (1) ’’Electro-Generated Acids Catalyzed Epoxyolefin Cyclizations via Cationic Chain Reactions’’
Electrochemistry, accepted
Kouichi Matsumoto, Hiroki Shimao, Yuta Fujiki, Norihito Kawashita, Shigenori Kashimura
(2) ’’Improved and Practical Synthesis of the Integrastatin Core’’
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn., accepted and under Advance Publication
Yoshiro Yamagiwa, Nozomi Haruna, Hideki Kawakami, Kouichi Matsumoto
(3) ’’Intermolecular Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Followed by Intramolecular Cyclization
of Electrochemically Generated Magnesium Anthracenes and Esters in the Presence of Chlorotrimethylsilane’’
Electrochemistry, accepted
Kouichi Matsumoto, Masahiro Matsumoto, Terumasa Hayashi, Masahiko Maekawa, Keiji Nishiwaki, Shigenori Kashimura
(Undergraduate Course)
Kyoto University

Electro Organic Chemistry Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows