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Yohko YANO
Associate Professor PhD (Natural Science)
Department/Science  Graduate school/Science

Protein comes in various complex structures in the body in order to perform its functions. On the other hand, it easily changes form and loses its functions. These structural changes are observed using the world’s brightest X-rays in order to understand the mechanisms behind the formation of protein structures.

Protein unfolding observed at an air-water interface

Research Area Biophysics, Chemical Physics, Structural Chemistry
Research Interests Kinetics of protein unfolding of interface

Development of X-ray reflectometer

Liquid droplets generated by ultrasound
Selected Publications (1) "Hofmeister Anion Effects on Protein Adsorption at an Air–Water Interface"
YF Yano, Y Kobayashi, T Ina, K Nitta, T Uruga, Langmuir 32, 9892-9898 (2016)
(2)"Real-time investigation of protein unfolding at an air-water interface at the 1 s time scale"
YF Yano, E Arakawa, W Voegeli, T Matsushita, Journal of synchrotron radiation 20, 980-983 (2013)
(3) "Kinetics of protein unfolding at interfaces"
YF Yano, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24, 503101 (2012)
Research and Achievements
(Undergraduate Course)
Gakusyuin University

Biophysics Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows