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Associate Professor Doctor of Science
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We study a lot of new physics possibilities motivated by mysteries in our universe and discuss which models are realistic to explain the latest experimental results. We explore for unknown physics beyond the Standard Model of elementary particle.

Research Area Theoretical Particle Physics
Teaching (Undergraduate Course) Introduction to Physics and Exercise
Elementary Particle Physics
Synthetic Seminar I
Electromagnetism II
Teaching (Graduate Course) Elementary particle phenomenology
Theory of high-energy physics
Ph.D Study in Elementary particle phenomenology
Research Interests Phenomenology of the extended Standard Model
Flavor physics and LHC physics
Grand Unified Theory
Physics of dark matter
Selected Publications [1] `` Relaxed fine-tuning in models with non-universal gaugino masses,'' Phys. Rev. D76, 015002 (2007) with H. Abe and T. Kobayashi.

[2] ``Lepton-flavor-violating Higgs decay h to mu tau and muon anomalous magnetic moment in a general two Higgs doublet model,'' JHEP 1505, 028 (2015) with E. Senaha and K. Tobe.

[3] ``TeV-scale vector leptoquark from Pati-Salam unification with vectorlike families,'' Phys. Rev. D104, no.7,  075008 (2021) with S. Iguro, J. Kawamura and S. Okawa.
Affiliated Academic Societies The Physical Society of Japan
(Undergraduate Course)
Kyoto University
(Master's/Doctral Course)
Kyoto University
Title of Thesis, Institute, Date Supersymmetry breaking,R-symmetry,and conformal dynamics、

Kyoto Univ.、2009 March
Biography 2008 Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC2, PD)
2010 Research Fellow of Korea Institute Advanced Study (KIAS)
2012 Research Fellow of Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM)
2014 Nagoya Univ.
2019 Kindai Univ.

Theoretical Particle Physics Laboratory

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Academic Staff and Fellows